Why did a european war break

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Why did a European war break out in the summer of 1914? Essay

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The film wasn't made for another 14 triumphs The Execution of Private Slovik. Why did a European war break out in the summer of ? Inwar broke out in Europe between the most powerful countries. There were a number of reasons why World War One broke out and this essay will examine these reasons.

The alliance system did not mean that a European war had to happen. Some say that it could still have been avoided - especially if Britain could have made Germany hold back from helping Austria-Hungary.

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A full-scale interrepublic war is unlikely, but serious intercommunal conflict will accompany the breakup and will continue afterward. The violence will be intractable and bitter. There is little the United States and its European allies can do to preserve Yugoslav unity. [Note: the AQA syllabus only requires you to know about the Arms Race and the System of Alliances, but you may wish to treat nationalism, imperialism and awful governments as essential background knowledge.].

The argument which follows suggests that Europe in was RIPE for war to break out - that the causes of World War One went back long beforeand had so set Europe at odds that it.

Why did a european war break
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Causes of WWI - background