Uses of radiation in medical industry

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The Many Uses of Gold

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Medical Industry

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Microwaves are primarily used in medical cases as an alternative to surgery. For example an enlarged prostate. Instead of surgically removing the problematic organ, doctors can use microwaves to heat op the enlarging tissue of the prostate and in turn decreasing the size of the enlarged prostate.

What are the uses of radiation? Radiation is part of our daily life. We benefit from it without noticing its presence.

Radiation Protection

Common examples are electricity generation, medical and industrial applications. With proper use, radiation can be beneficial to the society.

Please select one of the following items. 25 Figure Uranium fuel assembly used in a pressurized water type of nuclear reactor.


Current applications The four major uses of DU at the present time include radiation shielding, counterbalance weights and military armour and ammunition. Over the past 25 years, the medical device industry has changed significantly. Sterilization has evolved as well, sometimes reacting to the industry and sometimes leading the way in.

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Radioisotopes can be used for medical purposes, such as checking for a blocked kidney. To do this a small amount of Iodine is injected into the patient, after .

Uses of radiation in medical industry
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