Sustainability as a change management challenge

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Sustainability is the future of management

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Sustainability and Climate Change Management Service

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Bob Doppelt

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Sustainability and systemic change resistance

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Once an organization has had a green audit depicting the current sustainability status, leading the change initiative can be overwhelming.

Change requires a lot of time, planning, and management. Sustainability is part of everyday life and essential for the future of environmental protection.

Sustainable Change: Making It Happen

This site addresses waste management, water and energy conservation, and corporate sustainability. Sep 08,  · This article is adapted from "The Change Leadership Sustainability Demands," by Christoph Lueneburger and Daniel Goleman, which appeared in the Summer issue of MIT Sloan Management Review.

The model for sustainable change that follows challenges you, the executive, to work on preparing, creating and maintaining an environment that supports and nurtures change.

Without this, even the best idea for change will likely die a slow but steady death. April 20 2 I Introduction If one assumes that sustainability represents a form of significant organizational change, then there are two overarching positions that can be taken. Based on Bob Doppelt’s three years of research on both private and public organizations in the U.S.

and Europe, LEADING CHANGE TOWARD SUSTAINABILITY:A Change-Management Guide for Business, Government, and Civil Society (Greenleaf Publishing, October ) is an easily readable book on how to transform organizations to successfully embrace.

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