Society must recognize earth as finite to save humanity

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New Mythology for a New Humanity

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"To save humanity from eating itself to extinction we must abandon the dominant religion of the past three centuries - Lockean individualism - and dedicate ourselves to a new - and also very old - commitment to community. Finally, society must recognize what is truly important to achieving human happiness and contentment.

The values of family, friendship, and community form the backbone of a successful society. We must strive for what is spiritual, ethical, and moral rather than for merely more consumption. Notwithstanding our current addiction to continued and uninterrupted economic growth, humanity must recognize that there are finite physical, biological, and ecological limits to the Earth's long-term sustainable carrying capacity.

Nov 12,  · WORLD SCIENTISTS’ WARNING TO HUMANITY. The earth is finite. Its ability to absorb wastes and destructive effluent is finite.

A new ethic is required — a new attitude towards discharging our responsibility for caring for ourselves and for the earth. We must recognize the earth’s limited capacity to provide for us. The New Message from God This is what will save humanity and give it a foundation for the future that will be greater than anything it has ever had before—greater than its brief periods of opulence and success and indulgence.

able to have vision and clarity, able to have strength?

Humanity Complexity Quotes

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Society must recognize earth as finite to save humanity
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