Sensormatic electronics corporation

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Pioneer DVR-220-S Service Manual

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HEVC Licensees

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*Licensees current in their obligations with respect to products reported and covered under their License; companies listed above may produce some or no products which are licensed under their respective agreement and, therefore, no conclusion may be drawn from this list that any particular products they manufacture are licensed.

Qatari Investors Group is a leading provider of high quality business, industrial, investment services and products in Qatar. Qatari Investors Group plays a major role in. International technologies and systems Corporation, dBA ID Tech, designs and manufactures a wide range of automatic identification products and components, including magstripe, SMART and contact less Card Reader/writers, bar Code Readers, ccd scanners, POS keyboards, and secure pin entry products.

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Sensormatic electronics corporation
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Sensormatic Electronics Corporation | Federal Trade Commission