Factories act 1948

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The Factories Act,1948

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Factories Act 1948

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The Factories Act,1948

THE FACTORIES ACT, ACT NO. 63 OF 1* [23rd September, ] An Act to consolidate and amend the law regulating labour in factories or two or more factories to be a single factory.

Factories Act,1948

The State Government may, 4*[on its own or] on an application made in this. Importance of Factories Act, The Factories Act, is a beneficial legislation. The aim and object of the Act is essentially to safeguard the interests of workers, stop their exploitation and take care of their safety, hygiene and welfare at their places of work.

FACTORIES ACT, A Comprehensive law for the persons working at a specific segment. Covers important aspects relating to the persons employed in factories. Enforced by. Factories Act, has been enacted to consolidate and amend the law regulating the workers working in the factories.

It extends to whole of India and applies to every factory wherein 20 or more workers are ordinary employed. The Factories Act was an Act of Parliament passed in the United Kingdom by the Labour government of Clement Attlee.

It was passed with the intention of safeguarding the health of workers.

Factories Act 1948

It was passed with the intention of safeguarding the health of workers. The Factories Act was an Act of Parliament passed in the United Kingdom by the Labour government of Clement Attlee. It was passed with the intention of safeguarding the health of workers. It was passed with the intention of safeguarding the health of workers.

Factories act 1948
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India. The Factories Act