Explain why mnc have located r d centres in developing countries

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It is part of, often the question of, a longer process and a longer picture involving education, culture and attitudes towards writing. Can you suggest the best coaching centres for CLAT? 9 Answers Views MNC Vs. Startups- Which is a better job option for a fresh MBA graduate?

International Trade - Multinational corporations and technology transfer

Why? 16 Answers Views Which course is better in web designing and development?

Money and Credit

3 Answers Views I got 65% in boards & 31 marks in JEE Mains. Congo is commonly called Congo-Brazzaville to distinguish it from its neighbor, Zaire, which recently renamed itself as The Democratic Republic of Congo (informally called Democratic Congo).

Congo has a landmass ofsquare kilometers and a population of about to 3 million. For example, the reproduction rate in industrialized countries is less than 2%, whereas the highest rates, more than 5%, are seen in African and Middle Eastern countries and 3% or more is common in many developing countries.

In contrast, partners in ‘peripheral’ offices, i.e. offices located in small economies such as Belgium and developing nations such as Poland, were less able to do so, especially as they had few, if any, home-based multinationals to serve.

What is the Role of MNCs in Developing Countries?

Although MNCs have been accustomed to producing and selling products in developing countries, they have kept centralised corporate R&D in their home countries.

MNCs were—and some still are—afraid to unintentionally transfer knowledge to foreign competitors through their R&D centres abroad. Business organisation and environment developing countries (LEDCs) transitional or newly industrialising countries (NICs) industrial countries (MEDCs) Explain why the oil spills in Niger Delta have not received the same publicity as the BP Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Explain why mnc have located r d centres in developing countries
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Chapter Organising, Planning And Controlling Global Marketing Operations