Catering coursework

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Catering Courses

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Welcome to the website of The Weston Road Academy. Through Penn Foster Career School’s online Catering courses you'll learn professional catering skills, gourmet cooking, and other culinary training, such as kitchen techniques and preparations, food styles, baking and pastry.

Curriculum. Looking at a sample piece of coursework LI: To create a self evaluation tool, which can be used to reflect and improve your own work. ICT Course Outline. 60% Coursework 40% Exam 30% Assignment to be done in year 10 30% Project to be done in year 11 Assignment is quite structured, whilst.

gcse catering - task two carrying out the task - order of work - nutritional content of meal - shopping list - equipment list practical exam evaluation.

Catering coursework
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GCSE Catering Year 10 - Catering