Analysis of a high toned christian

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[In "A High-Toned Old Christian Woman"] the poet attempts to ruffle the composure of this true believer by proposing a shocking version of Santayana's argument in Interpretations of Poetry and Religion--that poetry and religion are equally fictions of the human mind, reflecting the values of the human maker.

An American in Paris. This was the dark side of the Paris into which Kim Kardashian West landed by private jet at Le Bourget Airport at A.M. on September 28, accompanied by her assistant. A High-Toned Old Christian Woman - Poetry is the supreme fiction, madame.

Addressing the High Toned Old Christian Woman, the speaker comically proposes an alternative to Christianity in the form of a mummer’s parade or a Mardi Gras festivity. He proposes "poetry" as the supreme fiction rather than God.

There are many challenges facing the Christian but none is greater than the challenge to remain faithful to Christ. In reality, this is what Christianity is all about. Jesus summed it up this way: “ Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life” (Rev.

). Of course, we understand that Jesus addressed this to Christians who were being tortured and killed for their faith.

Analysis of a high toned christian
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