A study of factory act 1948

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Registration and Licensing as under Factories Act 1948

The Factories Act, is a social legislation which has been enacted for occupational safety, health and welfare of workers at work places. The objective of the Act is to regulate the conditions of work in manufacturing establishments coming within the definition of the term 'factory' as used in the Act.

FACTORIES ACT, [63 OF ] An Act to consolidate and amend the law regulating labour in factories. whereas it is expedient to consolidate and amend the law regulating labour in factories; It is hereby enacted as follows:— CHAPTER I PRELIMINARY Short title, extent and commencement.

1. (1) This Act may be called the Factories Act, The minimum wage in the United States is set by US labor law and a range of state and local laws. Employers generally have to pay workers the highest minimum wage prescribed by federal, state, and local law. Since July 24,the federal government has mandated a nationwide minimum wage of $ per hour.

As of Januarythere were 29 states with a minimum wage higher than the. Aug 24,  · Ultimately the Industrial Disputes Act (the Act) brought into force on repealing the Trade Disputes Act has since remained on statute book.

Object of the Act The Industrial Disputes Act,is, therefore, the matrix, the charter, as it were, to the industrial law. FACTORIES ACT The object of the Factories Act is to regulate the conditions of work in manufacturing establishments coming within the definition of the term "factory" as used in the lemkoboxers.com first Act, in India, relating to the subject was passed in This was followed by new Acts in,and The Act of is more comprehensive than the previous Acts.

The Shops and Establishment Act (“SEA”), which is a state legislation and each state has framed its own act and rules for the act, regulates the working hours of non-factory .

A study of factory act 1948
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